Ron Mominee : bassIST

This    BASS    is    for    Rent !

Welcome to My corner of the web!

Perhaps you've seen my card pinned up at your favorite music store or club...maybe you actually know me, or MAYBE you did an extremely random Google search...however you arrived here, I'm glad you stopped by!

​What we have here folks is a little site devoted to me, a
music loving, bass thumpin dude, who is looking to work. To reach out to whomever may be in need of some of what I'd like to call "professional low frequencies management" (bass playing)...If I were to have a "mission statement" it would be:

"I endeavor to work with original artists, creatively, in the pursuit of creating exciting and meaningful art, performance, and the further growth of the bustling musical climate of New England and abroad."

...Or something to that effect. In short, Create. Fill my musical cup while helping you fill yours. I love rock, I love pop. I enjoy folk, and electronic music. Country. And just about everything in between, as I feel I can learn from all of it, as well as have something to offer to it. No cover acts need apply.  I love playing classic music as much as the next guy, but that is not what this is about. it onstage, in the studio, a collaborative writing of music, songwriter name it, I love being part of these experiences and the creative process. Take a look around, get to know what I'm about, and I hope you find I may have something to offer your next project!  Thanks!


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